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About The Rec Program

Program Information

The LSA Recreational program is a single-season soccer program. For year-round enjoyment, we offer recreational soccer programs in Fall and the Spring. The Fall season runs from September through November and the Spring season runs from March through May.

The LSA Recreational program utilizes small-sided soccer games in the younger age groups (U4 through U12). The purpose of small-sided soccer is to allow the game to be the teacher by maximizing each player’s touches on the ball and encourages all the players to develop their skills in all positions. U14, and older, teams play in 11 vs 11 format.

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Under-4 (U4) “Shark Bait”

Shark Bait is a program created specifically for 3 year old's. The concept of the program is to teach ball familiarity and movement skills. This is an introductory program with two days of training per week where we teach fundamental skills.

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U6-U8 and U10 Rec

All U6 teams practice once a week in the same field area which we call the “Shark Tank.” All games are played in 4 vs 4 formats.


U8 teams play with 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Therefore, all games are played 7v7 format.


U10 teams play with 7 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Therefore, all games are played 8v8 format. U10 games are played with certified referees, therefore we play under FIFA rules.

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U12 and up Rec

U12 Recreational teams will play all of their games at Allen Creek 

U12 teams play under FIFA rules in a 9v9 format.

U14, U16, and U19 Recreational teams will travel to play against teams from different clubs. Half of the games will be played at Allen Creek. U14 and above will play under FIFA rules in the 11v11 format


Subject to Change--Doesn't include uniforms.
Walk in Registration add $5 convenience fee.
(price after June 1)

u4 --$105








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