LSA Tryouts

Lanier Soccer Association will be forming Boys and Girls’ teams from U9 - U12 for the Academy level and U13-U19 Competitive level.

All tryouts will be conducted by our Professional Coaches.

LSA conducts open Academy/Select/National League / SCCL/MLS Youth League tryouts for all players who have the desire to train and compete at the club’s highest level. 

In each tryout players are taken through an organized session designed to reveal competence in a variety of individual skills as well as small group and team performance. The primary evaluator in each session is that particular age group’s Age Group Coordinator for the upcoming season. The first team coach will be supported by other staff coaches. Players are strongly encouraged to attend all tryouts, as it provides more opportunity to be seen by the evaluators. At a minimum, one tryout must be attended and if a player can only attend one tryout date, the club must be notified prior to the missed tryout.

Although players are evaluated in quality of the first touch, physical speed, technical speed, tactical awareness, fitness, individual/group defending and attacking, and more, these evaluations are only a guideline. Past performance, commitment to team and player development, and other factors may become considerations if it serves the best interests of the player or team.

After the first tryout concludes, some players for the first team will be selected, and players are generally contacted within the process of the first, second and third tryouts. Ideally, all teams should be finalized within 5-10 days of the final tryout. Players should be prepared to commit at this time if offered an invitation. Any player who does not commit to an invitation must decide to accept or refuse the invitation within 48 hours or their roster spot may be offered to another player. Once the first team in an age group is determined, the second and third teams will be selected – the second team is formed the same way as the first, followed by the third.  It is the club’s wish to have all teams and players in an age group set within a two weeks after the final tryout. In addition, all players – even those not placed on a team – will be notified by the completion of the tryout process.  Once an invitation is accepted, and a player becomes committed, they are expected to honor the requirements of playing for a particular team until the following season. To remain with the team from one year to the next, players must successfully participate in tryouts each year. The number of travel teams in any age group is largely determined by the number of qualified players attending tryouts.  

It is assumed that players and their parents recognize the commitment demanded by first-team travel league participation and that players and parents are willing to invest the necessary time and travel in order to be successful.

LSA Tryouts Dates and Times

U8 Pre-academy 

Dates: May 25th, 26th and 27th

Time: 6PM to 7:15PM


U9-U13  Academy Teams, SCCL, MLS Next

Dates: May 25th, 26th and 27th

Time: 6pm to 7:15PM

U14-U19 SCCL, National League, MLS Next

Dates: June 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Time: 6pm to 7:15PM

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