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LSA-Pro Team

The purpose of the LSA-Pro team is to compete in organized soccer leagues UPSL and tournaments at a high level of skill and performance. This team aim to win matches and championships, entertain fans, and represent Gainesville and  Georgia. Additionally, the LSA-Pro soccer team often serves as a platform for developing and showcasing talented players, contributing to the growth and popularity of the sport globally. 



To be a regionally recognized and respected soccer club known for excellence in sportsmanship, skill, and teamwork. Our vision is to consistently compete at the highest level, winning domestic and national championships, while fostering a strong connection with our fans and community. We strive to develop and nurture talented players, creating a legacy of success on and off the field. Through innovation, integrity, and a commitment to the beautiful game, we aim to inspire passion for soccer and leave a lasting impact on the world of sports


Meet the Coaches

LSA-Pro meticulously selects top-tier coaches, ensuring a team of exceptionally qualified professionals dedicated to delivering unparalleled services. Our commitment is to empower players, guiding them towards reaching new heights in their skill and performance, propelling them seamlessly to the next level of excellence.

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