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Lanier Soccer Association is dedicated to nurturing players into true soccer virtuosos. A cornerstone of skill enhancement lies in the individual time players invest with the ball at their feet. Futsal stands as an excellent avenue for LSA Academy players to elevate their capacity to think swiftly, refine precision passing, and master the art of fast-paced, small-sided soccer in an exhilarating and enjoyable setting


Program Information

Futsal stands as an electrifying game, where the game itself serves as the finest instructor. U.S. Futsal firmly believes that playing with the ball hones precise ball control, technical prowess, agility, lightning-quick reflexes, and sound decision-making. Futsal balls, with their reduced bounce compared to regular soccer balls, encourage sustained ball play and foster tight ball control. In the confined spaces of futsal, players rapidly develop their ability to think and react, enabling them to thrive under pressure when transitioning to the full-scale game. This confined environment nurtures creativity and constantly immerses players in demanding decision-making scenarios, making Futsal a premier teacher of quick passing and dynamic movement. Teams proficient in this style of play pose a formidable challenge in the realm of soccer.

The principles instilled in Futsal seamlessly translate to the 11v11 game, encompassing motor skills, ball mastery, and precision in rapid passing. Futsal's small playing areas facilitate an abundance of repetitions during every game, a vital component of the learning process. Additionally, the fast-paced action and reduced player count on the court contribute to improved fitness levels.

Futsal's distinctive prohibition of slide tackles and excessive physical contact minimizes the risk of injuries, making it an attractive choice for children, teenagers, and adults of all genders. Its popularity is on the rise both locally and internationally.

Lanier Soccer Association has joined forces with the YMCA, for our futsal academy practices. . Using Futsal we've observed that children learn more swiftly, and the absence of offside rules ensures an ongoing spectacle: The Goal

Gender: Boys and Girls

Ages u8 to u13 

Practices from December to January (Just Practices--this is not a league)

1 hour session (2 sessions per week)

$120 per player

Limited Registrations--Preference to Academy Players--

Place: YMCA (Gainesville)

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