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Lanier Soccer Association believes in developing players to be masters at the game of soccer. A big part of improving soccer skills is the time each player spends with the ball. Futsal provides a great opportunity for LSA Academy players to increase their ability to think fast, develop pinpoint passing skills, and learn how to play small-sided soccer in a fast-paced and fun environment.


Program Information

Futsal is an exciting game where the best teacher is the game itself. U.S. Futsal believes "Just by playing with the ball develops precise ball control and technical skill, agility, lightning reflexes and decision making. As the balls have less bounce (than soccer balls), they tend to stay in play longer and promote close ball control. After playing in enclosed areas and learning to think and react quickly, players find when they play to the full game they react well under pressure. Playing in enclosed areas develops creativity; players are also constantly placed in demanding decision making situations in enclosed areas which is a major reason why Futsal is one of the finest teachers of the quick pass and move. In soccer it is very hard to defend against a team that is adept at this type of play. Playing the beautiful game of soccer is developed through Futsal."

Concepts used for futsal translate to the 11v11 game, such as motor ability, ball mastery, accurate and quick passing. Repetition is a key component in the learning process, Futsal provides an environment with small areas where just playing allows for many repetitions to happen during every game. Fitness improves as well due to the fast action and few players on the court.

Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden in the modified game of futsal, which results in fewer injuries. It’s no surprise that the game is popular with children, teenagers and adults of both genders and is growing in popularity internationally.

Lanier Soccer Association partners with Rockport Indoor Soccer, the only dedicated futsal facility in North Georgia for futsal academy practices. Every academy team in LSA is required to practice once a week at Rockport Indoor Soccer for futsal games. Rockport Indoor Soccer finds children love playing the game of futsal. Many goals are scored and it's very exciting for the people watching the games. Rockport Indoor Soccer agrees children learn faster and the fact there is no off side rules keep the most exciting part of the game constantly happening: The Goal.

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