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Preparing for College Soccer, the importance of grades

IIn sports, talent and skill shine, but coaches care about more than that. They often ask, "How are your grades?" Good grades matter a lot. You've heard it from parents, teachers, and counselors because they're right. Good grades open doors.

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Maximizing opportunities


If you're considering in-state private schools, the Zell and Hope scholarships matter, though less so. A strong GPA can also help you get other school scholarships.

Even if you're looking at out-of-state colleges, maintaining a high GPA can boost your chances for academic scholarships.

Don't forget to prepare for the SAT/ACT tests early and retake them if needed. Better scores can improve your chances of admission and athletic eligibility.

Crafting Your Target List: Navigating the College Selection Process

Building a well-defined list of 5-10 schools that align with your goals and aspirations is a vital step in the college selection process. It is essential to acknowledge that your college plans and dreams may differ from those of your parents. Honest communication between you and your parents is paramount to ensure everyone is on the same page, allowing you to concentrate on realistic objectives. Dedicate time to researching potential institutions and maintain a notebook to track your progress and make informed comparisons.



Draft a personal detailed email to introduce yourself to all coaches on your list

Soccer Player


Actively contact them, be persistent, and always include your personal profile.

Soccer Goal

Highlight Videos

Send highlight videos or full game footage edited to easily identify yourself

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Recruiting typically begins after a student’s sophomore year but schools must operate within the rules of the governing
body that their programs participate in. NCAA D1, D2, and D3 along with NAIA and NJCAA all have different rules when it
comes to recruiting, player contact periods and college visitations. Try to become familiar with the recruiting rules for
the schools on your target list as this will help you keep up with important timelines.


  • Focus on GPA

  • Play as competitive as possible


  • Work on your GPA

  • Target Schools

  • Summer camps/introduce yourself to coaches


  • Take the SAT/ACT

  • Consult with your HS Counselor

  • Register Clearing House NCAA/NAIA


  • Strenghten colleges connections/coaches

  • Official College visits 

  • Financial AID

LSA Athletes Who Successfully Secured Positions on College Teams


Gabriela Rosas

Georgia Gwinnett College


Paola Alvarez

Young Harris College


Brianna Acosta

Brenau University


Xiomara Lara

Brenau University


Magali Bonilla

Brenau University


Mario Rodruiguez

UMASS Dartmouth


Ryalie Acker

Brenau University


Gladys Sepulveda

Brenau University


Mallory Land

Truett McConnell University


Abbie Venable

Georgia Military College


Skylar Abbot



Lauren Barnes


LSA College Showcase

Each year, we extend a special invitation to colleges and universities to join us at our prestigious College Showcase. This remarkable event is tailored exclusively for LSA players. In the upcoming year, we are thrilled to announce that our College Showcase will take place on November 14th, 2023 for female participants and on November 16th, 2023 for their male counterparts.

We eagerly anticipate the participation of a minimum of 10 distinguished colleges from the Southeastern region. These institutions will attend the event to identify and engage with promising talent from our LSA community.

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