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What We Do

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Level of Competitions

Meaningful Games

Quality of Practice

Professional Coaches

Soccer Curriculum

Age Appropiate

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Academy Program Boys and Girls (u8 to u12)

Elevate Your Game at LSA Academy

At LSA Academy, we hold a high standard for player commitment to foster the development of exceptional soccer skills. We expect our players to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to honing their technical, tactical, psychological, and physical abilities.

As an integral part of LSA's Academy program, players embark on a transformative journey where every facet of their game is meticulously refined. Our dedicated team of professional trainers brings extensive coaching experience and a profound background in playing soccer at the highest echelons of the sport. They provide expert guidance, mentorship, and support to unlock the full potential of our aspiring athletes.

In addition to comprehensive training sessions, players in our Academy program gain invaluable experience through weekly competitions against other high-level soccer teams across the vibrant metro Atlanta area. This regular exposure to challenging opponents allows our players to showcase their skills, test their abilities, and accelerate their growth on the field.

To further enhance their development, our players participate in both pre-season and post-season tournaments, providing an opportunity to demonstrate their progress in competitive settings. These tournaments serve as crucial stepping stones toward achieving success and fostering a competitive spirit.

Join LSA Academy, where commitment, expertise, and opportunities converge to fuel the advancement of your soccer journey. Unleash your skills, embrace the challenge, and propel your development to new heights alongside a community of passionate and driven athletes.

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Competitive Soccer (u13 and up)

The LSA Select program is intended for those players that are looking to play a high level of competitive soccer at U13, and above.

Players are expected to have a high level of commitment to the development of their soccer skills. As part of LSA's Select program, our players further develop both their technical and tactical skills while learning a more strategic vision of the game of soccer. With skills learned from our Select program and assistance from the LSA in College program many of our players have the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level while advancing their education toward a college degree.

Players in our Select program will be provided with professional trainers who have multiple years of coaching experience and an extensive background playing soccer at the highest levels of the game. Players will be given the opportunity to utilize their skills and accelerate their development through weekly competition with other Select-level teams from around Georgia. Although many competitive Select-level teams are from the metro Atlanta area, our Select teams do occasionally compete against teams from more remote areas of Georgia. In fairness to all Select teams throughout the State, we schedule 50% of each team's games at their home field.

Each Select team will participate in at least 1 pre-season and post-season tournament. Higher-performing teams may have the opportunity to participate in 2 tournaments before or after the season.

For players in the LSA Select program that are interested in playing the Goalkeeper position, in addition to team training, LSA also provides our players with goalkeeper training from our excellent staff of goalkeeper coaches.

Leagues we Compete

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Get better! we create a better practice environment

  • Trained by a professional coach

  • Assistant coach available for training

  • 2/3 practices per week, 1.5 hours each (outdoors)

  • Goalkeeper training available for interested players

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  • 1 to 2 Pre-season tournament each season

  • 1 to 2 Post-season tournament each season

  • For u18 and u19 College Showcases

  • Local, Regional and National Tournaments

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  • Teams play 1 or 2 games each weekend

  • Games played against other competitive Atlanta-area clubs

  • U9/U10 teams play 7v7 games

  • U11/U12 teams play 9v9 games

  • Top U12 teams may play 11v11

  • U13 and up 11v11


Recreational Program

From $120 to $300 (per season)

Academy Program (Boys and Girls)

$900-$1,250Per Season (8 Months)

MLS Boys Program 

$1,750 (Per Season 10 Months Long)


From $900-$1,400Per season 

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