Sharks Shootout - Recreational

LSA Shark Shootout 2017

2017 LSA Sharks Shootout - Recreational

LSA is pleased to announce the inaugaral LSA Shark Shoot for Recreational Players. Given the phenominal feedback from our Annual LSA Sharks Shootout for Academy/Sect programs, LSA will be hosting a fun and exciting tournament for recreational players.

The Sharks Shootout for Recreational players will be played at the beautiful Allen Creek Soccer Complex on November 11th & 12th, 2017. The tournament is open to all boys’ and girls’ recreational teams from ages U8 through U14.

Established with LSA’s vision for community-minded youth soccer, the Sharks Shootout tournaments provide a festival-like atmosphere that the whole family will enjoy: on-site music, bouncy house, and food truck in addition to the assorted concessions offered at the Allen Creek Soccer Complex.

Bring your team and families out to play at the LSA Sharks Shootout tournament and see why you'll be anxious for next year's tournament to return!

Team Eligibility and Participation

The Sharks Shootout tournament is open to Recreational teams from ages U8 through U14.

Teams participating in the tournament will be grouped based upon past playing records to make sure each team is placed for reasonable challenge and enjoys the event.

Team Registration

Online registration for the 2017 LSA Sharks Shootout is NOW OPEN! The deadline to register is October 28, 2017. Registrations will then be closed for scheduling.

Online Checkin

Online checkin is the primary method for checking your team into the tournament.

You may begin the checkin process as soon as you have been accepted for tournament. Acceptance notices will be sent on October 30, 2017.

Please START your online checkin process NO LATER THAN TUESDAY November 7, 2017, at 2:00pm.

You do not need to finish the checkin process all at once. You can submit portions of your checkin materials across multiple online sessions.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need assistance in planning for the 2017 LSA Sharks Shootout Tournament for Recreational PLayers, please contact us at: for more information.

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