The Recreation Program is a developmental soccer program for all youth, without regard to skill level, who wish to play soccer. Most recreational teams are scheduled to play other recreational teams from within LSA. Sometimes with older age (U12+) division teams there is a need to inter-schedule games with teams from other associations to provide a full schedule and some travel may be required.


As of 02/08/2015  Spring 2015 Recreational Registration is CLOSED. You may put your name on the wait list but this does not guarantee a spot on a team.

The age group classifications are U-06, U-08, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16 and U-19. Small sided soccer is played in the four younger age groups playing 3, 4, 6 and 8 players a side, respectively. The purpose of small-sided soccer is to allow the game to be the teacher by maximizing each player’s touches on the ball and encourages all the players to develop their skills in all positions. The U-14 and up teams play in 11 vs 11 format.


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Under 4 “Shark Bait” ($65)

  • Shark Bait is a program created specifically for 3 and 4 year olds. The concept of the program is to teach ball familiarity and movement skills. All games are played in 3 vs 3 format.

Under 6 “Shark Tank” ($85)

  • Shark Tank is a program created to continue player development and introduce pool training to our youth players, coaches, and parents. All U6 teams train once a week on the same field; which we call the “Shark Tank.” Members of the LSA coaching staff are in attendance to assist volunteer coaches and identify players. All games are played in 3 vs 3 format.LSA U6 SHARK TANK PROGRAM Rules for U6

Under 8 ($85)

  • U8 teams play with 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Therefore, all games are played 6v6 format.Rules for U8

Under 10 ($110)

  • U10 teams play with 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. Therefore, all games are played 7v7 format.
  • U10 games are played with certified referees, therefore we play under FIFA rules.

Under 12 and Above “Travel Rec” ($120)

  • U12 rec teams will play most of the games at Allen Creek, however there is some traveling involve within close clubs to Hall County. U12 played under FIFA rules in a 8v8 format.
  • u14 and u16 rec teams will travel to play within different clubs, nevertheless at least 50% of games will be playing at Allen Creek. U14 and above will play under FIFA rules in a 11v11 format.

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Stadium

    Open ( 3/30/2015 )

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Fields 2-4

    Open ( 3/30/2015 )

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Fields 5-9

    Open ( 3/30/2015 )