Pre Academy

LSA’s Pre Academy program is intended for youth players interested in a more competitive playing environment than your traditional Recreational program. Players in our Pre Academy program will be provided with professional trainers who have multiple years of coaching experience or have an extensive playing background. LSA focuses on developing individual’s technical foundation which will lead to success in the Academy program

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  • Professional coaching staff for both training sessions/practices
  • Professional coach staff for games
  • Two practices per week
  • LSA Training Curriculum


  • 8-10 regular season games scheduled with surrounding clubs in the Metro Atlanta area
  • All games are played in 6 vs 6 format


  • $300 per season
  • $600 per year


  • Tournament fees are shared by all team members, regardless of individual participation
    • 2-4 Tournaments Per Season

Uniform and Training Attire: $75.00

  • 2 Game Day Tops
  • 1 Game Day Short
  • 1 Game Day Socks
  • 2 LSA Training Tops

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Stadium

    Open ( Week of 1/26 )

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Fields 2-4

    Open ( Week of 1/26 )

  • Allen Creek Soccer Complex – Fields 5-9

    Open ( Week of 1/26 )